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".."Waves" is marked by a number of lyrical declarations of independence, yet these statements are born of a healthy musical dependence. There's a terrific give-and-take between Vonder Haar and her bandmates; it's most notably heard in overlapping, entangled vocals but is manifested in the record's instrumental presence and power, as well. "Waves" is an album that invites repeated listens to find and appreciate all the puzzle pieces and moving parts that come together in a lively whole..." -Columbia Daily Tribune


released April 11, 2014



all rights reserved


Violet Vonder Haar Columbia, Missouri

"As a songwriter, she long has worn the troubadour’s clothes, writing melodies that wander — in and out of folk, jazz and pop influences, and from accessibility to something a little more esoteric." -Columbia Daily Tribune


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Track Name: WAVES
the waves come crashing down
and make it hard to breathe
but I'm used to this by now
from swimmin' this big sea

takes all the strength I've got
to stay afloat
but I don't mind
cause it's my choice, it is my choice
how to spend my time

cause I'm an undercurrent baby
I could take you down
I make my own path
I make my own waves
I make my own sounds

ain't no one gonna tell me
how to spend my time
cause I spent too many years on the shore
watchin' it float by

it's time to get up get on get out
and make some waves
ain't no better time
ain't no better place than today

Track Name: Cold Shoulder
she gave me a could shoulder
then put some ice in my drink
now i'm left here freezing cold
and my lips have turned blue
and all i can think about is you

how i left you by the dock that day
and you asked if i had any words to say
and i left you freezing cold
ice upon the lake
and i think i know now what to say

cause isn't it funny when you find yourself
in the same situation you were left in
it seems that the world is laughin' at you
sometimes paybacks' a bitch
though you tried so hard
you tried so hard to forget it

she always said she never would be
anything like you
cause you tore her heart apart
yeah you left her for dead
now look what she did do

cause there's a man on the ground
and he's screamin' out her name
and there's blood all around
and everybody knows this game


i'm ready now now
to melt now
i'm ready now
to melt now
Track Name: Move Me
music doesn't move me
the way it used to
and i can't sleep
the same way

either too much on my mind
or too much to do
not enough time
or too much to prove

but i still try
i still try
to move you

want something to hit me
like the hammer to the nail
want someone to move me
set wind to my sails

cause i've been swimmin and drownin'
in this great big ocean
just tryin' to find
some sort of inspiration


music doesn't move me
the way it used to
and i can't sleep
the same way
Track Name: Set Me Free
one two three four five
if you are alive
won't you listen to me

if you can count to ten
you can begin again
but don't you think
it'll be that easy

cause i used to be the kind
that would waste all my time
on silly petty things like him

now i am the one
who's life has just begun
and his just came to an end

cause i am the girl
he wants in his world
it's too late now
can't you see
cause i was the girl
in his world
he lost his chance and set me free
so won't you just let it be

well i must admit
we had a good go at it
but some things just aren't meant to be

cause lookin' back now
it all seems clear somehow
he never really cared for me

cause he used to be the kind
that would waste all his time
on words to bring me down

now i am the one
who's life has just begun
and his it turned upside down

Track Name: Not Alone
eyes closed lips soft
you know what's next
you move towards me
and i try my best

to stay as calm
as i can be
with your eyes and your hands
all up on me, all up on me

i'm not the type
to get all worked up
but i think you might
just have enough

of what i know
i know i need
so come on, come on
won't you give it to me baby
won't you give it to me baby

the moon she moves
around us now
as we slowly start
to come down

from the highest heights
i think i've ever known
just let me know
let me know let me know
i'm not alone
Track Name: Another Time
it was another time time time
in another life life life
you try with all your might might might
to get it out your mind

cause all you did was cry cry cry
and fight fight fight
and say that you're fine fine fine
but you're thinkin' in your mind

that no one knows what you're thinking
and no one seems to care
but someone out there is feeling
like this somewhere

now all you seem to do do do
is try to prove prove prove
that you you you
have become someone new

and every single day day day
you try to say say say
in some sort of way way way
that you're okay


so now the time is here
to let go of your fears
to dry your tears
and start thinkin' clear
Track Name: Anything You Want
you got me walkin in circles
you got me walkin in squares
you got me walkin backwards
you got me everywhere

you got me singin songs for you
you got me sayin those words
you got me anywhere you want girl

anywhere you want
anywhere you want
anywhere you want
anywhere you want

before you came along
i was just a girl
with a gypsy heart and a ramblin' soul
wanderin round this world

but you stopped me on the tracks
mmm you took me in
now i'm walkin round in circles
and i quit my ramblin

anything you want
anything you want
anything you want
anything you want
Track Name: When Love Dies
lie awake and think about
things i should have said
a thousand words for me to choose
but i chose nothin' instead

you stood there as i looked away
could not look in your eyes
cause i knew what you needed me to say
but i can't tell no lies

cause when love dies you just know
there's no where to hide there's no where to go

some choose to leave
some choose to stay
and i'm not one to stick around
when love goes away

so you can put it all on me
i will take the blame
but i won't be around to hear
you curse my name

Track Name: Scandal
don't wanna think about it
don't wanna think about it
don't wanna think about ya now
i'll forget about it
gonna forget about ya
but still somehow

when you come around
when you come around
i lose my head
and i forget that i was
gonna forget about ya
i think about ya instead

you've got this way with me
you've got this way with her
you've got this way with them
that when you come around
everybody knows
what's about to begin

but i'm not gonna let you stick me in your pocket
i'm not gonna be your baby doll
when you come around
it's gonna be you up agains the wall
up against the wall

don't wanna hear about it
don't wanna hear ya now
don't wanna hear your voice
cause every word that
comes out your lyin mouth
leaves me with no choice

and you expect me to
get on my knees for you
and give it all
but when you come around
it's gonna be you
up against the wall